Alex's World! Version 1.1

Welcome to Ka Ki Nang. This Website and blog is intended to be the matured version of the Alex’s World! Legacy Edition edition from KaKiNan.com. Therefore, a lot of the content coverage and style of Ka Ki Nang will be similar to Alex’s World! Legacy edition. With this said, Alex’s World! Legacy edition will still be around, but mainly kept up to date as an archive of the younger days of Alexander Tan, and his adventures while Alexander was living overseas for a good 10+ years.

With the move to Ka Ki Nang, Alexander intends this move to be a new chapter. It will cover articles from the perspective of a Singaporean, who has lived overseas for long period of time, trying his best to integrate back to Singapore and the Asian culture and communities. Ka Ki Nang will continue to log the travel journeys of Alexander. So do return to this site frequently to check out Alexander’s exciting adventures.